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Spiritual Counselor, accomplished Healer, and Clairvoyant Medium, I offer compassionate readings with my Angels and Spirit Guides. Call with an open heart and I'll connect with you energetically. Together we'll explore your opportunities.


Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, Tarot Readings, Pendulum Readings, Spirit Guide, Angel Communication, Mediumship, Usui Reiki Master, Shamballa Reiki Master, QiGong Practitioner, Certified Hypnotist.


Stacy has always been aware that she's an Empath. She could feel, hear, see and know things that the people around her could not fathom. Her abilities have continued to grow throughout her lifetime, with her ability to feel, hear, and see her Angels and Guides and know the messages of hope and healing they were imparting. She's been a lifelong seeker of truth and has always endeavored to understand her life's purpose and special path. As a young child, she was hyper aware of God's presence. She loved Jesus Christ and the other loving Spirits and Angels who surrounded her. She has heard them guide, encourage and protect her and, to this day, she continues to be grateful for their care and love.

As a young girl, she's had profound spiritual experiences that left their mark and propelled her along her spiritual path toward understanding. As a very young adult, she immersed herself in metaphysical studies and read all she could on psychic phenomenon, miraculous self-healings, energy, meditation, various religions, etc. When the New Age movement popularized in the 80's, she was ready for all the new avenues of self-discovery that opened up to her. She read every book she could find and gained insight about herself and her spiritual gifts. Gradually, her life's purpose unfolded. As metaphysical information and teachers flooded into the main stream, she encountered like-minded people with whom she could practice and develop her skills. She read Tarot cards and mastered the pendulum so she could offer in-depth psychic readings for herself, family and friends. Later in life, she began formal training with an internationally respected teacher of Medical Qigong Therapy. Because she couldn't use Tarot cards and other tools in the clinic, her confidence grew as she relied purely on her ability to see, feel, hear and know what her Spirit Guides and Angels were communicating. Her training as a Medical Qigong clinician validated and further developed her natural psychic abilities. Stacy's Angels and Guides have always been present and willing to offer a healing hand when asked.

By mid-life, Stacy realized her life purpose was to bring healing, comfort and loving support to others through the use of her healing hands and psychic abilities. She's worked her share of mundane jobs while studying metaphysics and growing as a Healer and Medium. She's always found that working with others in a healing and supportive professional setting was not only rewarding, but it was a life calling. Stacy opened a private practice and became a successful Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Medium. She received formal training in Massage Therapy, Polarity and Healing Touch, ten years ago and earned certification in Medical Qigong Therapy, 20 years ago. She's also a Master of Usui and Shambhala Reiki and has been in private practice for 10 years. In 2014, she completed a Hypnotherapy Certification Course with Sylvia Browne and intends to weave this new knowledge into her practice.


A Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant Empath since childhood, Stacy immersed herself in metaphysical studies from early adulthood to mid-life and received formal training from an internationally respected doctor of Medical Qigong therapy, twenty years ago. Over the years, she has had the privilege of counseling thousands of clients in a professional setting and has worked with many friends and fellow students during her formal education as a Healer, Bodyworker, Reiki Master and teacher.

Stacy has been offering her services as an Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor for over ten years and her psychic gifts have always aided her work. She's able to connect with her Angels and Guides and share the loving messages she receives with her clients to bring peace, healing and transformation. This compassionate lady has spent thousands of hours reading for clients, children and adults in hospice care. She's practiced Tarot for thirty years along with the pendulum, but doesn't require tools to give an accurate and detailed reading. Her training in a clinical setting forced her to develop her psychic and healing abilities without outside assistance and she's used these psychic gifts in the clinic for twenty-five years. She's happy to share the healing energy from her Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones, easing their trouble and difficulties through the messages she receives. She truly enjoys working one-on-one with individuals in an honest and open manner, whether it be in person or by phone.


Stacy is an optimistic Sagittarian, a wanderer and a truth seeker, with a keen interest in spirituality. She enjoys reading, art and intellectual pursuits in a variety of subjects. She is especially drawn to books on metaphysics and philosophy, but also loves a good mystery novel just for fun. Her gypsy lifestyle and free spirit approach has taken her to many places throughout her life, in both her inner and outer worlds. She's been blessed with many wonderful life experiences that have helped her grow in wisdom and strength and she loves to share and talk about many things, especially matters of the heart and soul. While she enjoys people very much, she equally loves her solitude. She is a true animal lover and caretaker who lives in a cozy, remote cabin amongst the coastal redwood trees, in a sparsely populated region on the Central Coast of California. To live in peace, surrounded by nature and its gifts, lifts her soul and heals her Spirit. Stacy loves living close to nature with her adorable dog companion. They share many outdoor activities together, especially camping, hiking and watching the birds fly.

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Spiritual Counselor, accomplished Healer, and Clairvoyant Medium, I offer compassionate readings with my Angels and Spirit Guides. Call with an open heart and I'll connect with you energetically. Together we'll explore your opportunities.

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