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A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath, I've devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I'll connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.


Tarot reading, Angel Voices, Medium, Telepath, Past, Present and Future Life, Love and Relationships, Finance and Career, Finding Lost Objects, Crystals, Pendulum, Time Boards.


Mariella is a third generation psychic who started reading for others when she was only eleven. With a deck of ordinary playing cards, she gave accurate readings to her fellow schoolmates in the sixth grade. Her father, the nephew of a Cardinal, was set against her using psychic abilities her mom also possessed, and would not permit Mariella to follow in her metaphysical footsteps. Raised among a family of strong Catholics, Mariella had no choice but to hide her natural gifts and act as a good, obedient child. She pursued a career in finance and private law and graduated from the University of Roma, Italy, with a Masters in Business and Languages. In addition to her native Italian language, Mariella also became fluent in English, French and Spanish and speaks Portuguese as well as ancient Greek.

At the age of twenty-four, she came to the US for the first time, as a student, touring some Italian businesses. While on her short term student Visa, she was offered a position from an Italian bank that sponsored her to become a permanent US resident. She was working as an accountant, supervising a large group, while in her spare time, she fulfilled her dream to explore metaphysical realms. Two years later, she bought a house and converted her ground floor garage into a small shop, selling handmade Italian corals and souvenirs. She started offering readings and advice to friends and walk-in clients, earning both popularity and respect as a talented psychic advisor.


As she read for friends and family members, Mariella's knowledge and expertise grew. It was then that she realized her special calling in life. Working with people and listening to their daily needs and problems was a much more rewarding experience than just balancing books and posting returns. Her greatest returns could not be had on paper, she learned, but instead came from working with people. Mariella gave readings and saw her clients come back repeatedly for additional advice. She saw her psychic counseling transform lives and knew she was on the right track. Going to sleep knowing she relayed valuable insights and knowledge to make her clients happy, gave her a fulfillment that could never be achieved through reconciling sub ledgers. Clients and friends soon spread the word about her abilities and her coral shop transformed into a psychic office that contained a warm and comfortable waiting area. Two years later, Mariella was working for three major psychic phone lines in English and Spanish, in addition to the readings she provided in her busy shop.

After studying many Tarot decks, she finally decided to create her own spiritual cards, using a combination of many tarot decks, old fashioned Neapolitan cards, and Angel Oracles. Twenty-five years later, she's still using those same cards she fashioned and would not change them for the world. Mariella also designed her own time board and continues receiving amazing feedback about the accurate time frames she provides. Other areas of expertise include her ability to find lost objects, often describing the room and place for a client to search. She also offers dream interpretation and color direction to add additional layers of meaning to her readings. On top of it all, Mariella has a tremendous sense of humor and has the gift to make others feel incredibly relaxed and in charge of their inner souls. She deeply believes that even the darkest situation holds light and hope, no matter how difficult or unclear the problem may be. Deep faith and integrity are her trademark and a client will feel completely rejuvenated after just one session with Mariella. Revealing truths with sincere love and deep compassion, she will laugh and cry with her clients and be their best friend ever!


Mariella was born in a very beautiful Island of the Italian Terreno Sea. Although her birthday falls under the fiery sign of Leo, she will always love and be attracted to the deep blue ocean. Water tends to calm her and provide needed inspiration. Her home is in Upstate NY and faces a beautiful blue lake, surrounded by hills and valleys. She looks out into her panoramic scenery as she takes her clients' calls and this is where heaven and heart connect with her soul. Mariella is the proud companion and mother to two lovely teen girls and two golden retrievers who absolutely adore her. She enjoys decorating and installing ceramic tiles and boards, displaying a handy side to her nature. Her love for opera and Italian music, along with her passion for cooking long Italian dinners, are just some of the many hobbies Mariella enjoys with family and friends.

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A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath, I've devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I'll connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.

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