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A naturally God-gifted Psychic, I'll often stop a stranger to deliver a message. After a near-death experience, I've dedicated my life to providing honest, caring, and accurate answers! Allow me to bring peace and healing into your life.


Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient.


From the age of three, Pamela noticed she could see and hear things others were not picking up on. Her unusual gifts always made her feel like the odd (wo)man out. At about the age of twenty-six, in 1995, Pamela had a near death experience that altered her life and gave her a full understanding of her natural gifts. After her glimpse at the Other Side, she became aware, unafraid, and very curious of the strange things she used to fear as a child. She realized, for the first time, she was not alone. She was loved and in the unique position to help others to feel the same way about their own gifts. She then decided to devote her life to the service of others.

Surviving her deathly experience made her conclude she was meant to be on earth to help others with remarkable psychic gifts that include: clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. At first, her talents were overwhelming and seemed to emanate from a source beyond this planet. She'd find them emerging unexpectedly at the grocery store, for example. Stopping complete strangers with a channeled message, she'd connect people with loved ones who'd crossed over. Later, she began receiving invitations to speak at church functions. People wanted to hear her story, and were amazed at the gifts that flowed effortlessly through her. After about a year of visiting different groups and sharing her experiences, Pamela was determined to explore spirituality more thoroughly.

Her studies have been quite diverse and have included every avenue of metaphysical practice. She studied closely under Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls' tutelage for over a year, finding her enlightened views very challenging to contain within her own Spirit. There is much soul searching and growth in Shamanism, she discovered, and Pamela was able to find many answers about her life she could not receive elsewhere. She cherishes all she's learned through this gifted teacher and considers her a most valuable mentor. Pamela next spent ten years studying the Christian faith and received ministry certification through Revealing Truth Ministries. She continues to study Eastern philosophies, as well, and has done so for the last seven years. She's also worked alongside Heidi Sawyer to increase her psychic development and has advanced her understanding of the world at large by exploring many faiths and philosophies. Pamela maintains an open heart, she does not judge others and is therefore one of the most approachable psychics around.


Pamela has been consciously using her gifts since 1995 on a professional basis, but has been working with them her entire life. Her grandmother passed away only a year before she was born, but she has been visited by her Spirit and has received much information which has stunned her family. Pamela's mother demonstrated psychic ability, too, but had a hard time accepting these same gifts in her daughter. ESP scared her, so she invented rational explanations for her child's strange knowing. Sadly, her mother was ridiculed for her own psychic abilities as a child, and so it was preferable to deny the talents her daughter possessed. During Pamela's formative years, up until her near death experience, she repressed her psychic talents as best she could. But after seeing the other side, she could no longer contain her abilities, and the gifts became public. She broadened her reach, starting with church, and then extended her talents to neighborhoods, camp-meetings, the internet, and with various psychic lines. She's offered readings at her home, via phone, the internet, and even at the beach! It's not easy for family and loved ones to get away with having a psychic mom or girlfriend, as I'm sure you can imagine. Life has always been interesting for Pamela and she is grateful for an understanding family!

Over the years, Pamela has experienced many mini revelations for her clients, but none were as dramatic as her experience helping a client to solve her sister's murder in 2006-2007. This particular case impacted her greatly. She was called upon to help identify a killer, and was instrumental in placing him behind bars. This happened with the aide of the client's deceased sister! She showed Pamela who killed her, where the evidence could be found, and even helped with the prosecution! All the information came from the Spirit Realm. It proved to be a satisfying experience to see the family's suspicions vindicated and it was rewarding for Pamela to help the family heal from such a traumatic ordeal. Pamela has helped many clients in her Florida residence, but has also guided many others from various countries around the globe. She'd venture to guess she's helped hundreds along the way and feels blessed to touch the lives of those who need her. She remembers every client and keeps them all in her prayers. Whether it's a person she's known for years or someone she connects with randomly at the park, Pamela treasures every opportunity to help others.


Pamela resides in Florida with her loving boyfriend, two teenage children, and their two dogs. They live in the country and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. She enjoys gazing at sunsets that reflect on her lake and she can often be found tending to her garden and fruit trees. Pamela tries often to connect with Mother Earth to feel centered and to soak up her profound spiritual energy. Her astrological sun is in the psychic sign of Scorpio and her children are Scorpions as well! Her home life is sacred and her children are a huge part of her life. She's provided readings for over ten years now, which balances out being a mom--her most important job on the planet! She loves being there for her children, especially now at their critical ages. This past fall, Pamela's mother, who had been sick for some time, passed away. The moment she learned of her death her mother came to her, wrapped her arms around her and assured her by saying, "Everything is okay." This was one of the best spiritual moments she's ever had and she thanks her momma for it. Pamela knows she's with her stronger now than ever before, and is part of the reason she's still on earth helping others. Her mom possessed a rare and beautiful gift they shared in common. They could each tell when the other was about to call on the phone, always felt when something was wrong, and her mom's strongest message from beyond was, "Never give up!"

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A naturally God-gifted Psychic, I'll often stop a stranger to deliver a message. After a near-death experience, I've dedicated my life to providing honest, caring, and accurate answers! Allow me to bring peace and healing into your life.

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