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I'm a Clairvoyant of long standing from a highly Intuitive and Psychic lineage. I can instantly spot the root of your problems, give you detailed information from my two Guides, and help you achieve success and happiness.


Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Tarot Readings, Predictions, Aura Readings, Spirit Guides, Color Expert, Message Interpreter, Dream Interpreter, Signs/Symbols Interpreter, Life Coach.


Kitty hales from a large family with eleven siblings, who were all encouraged, at a young age, to embrace the Gifts handed down to them from generations of Intuitives. From early on, Kitty could sense when particular events were about to occur and had no problem receiving information from the other side. Both parents, as well as her maternal grandmother, possessed and utilized their own unique abilities. It was a familiar scene, growing up, to observe her mother and grandmother reading tea leaves, her father openly recognizing and communicating with Spirits, and a number of her siblings proficiently providing palm readings. It was a common practice in the environment she grew up in, to openly accept benign Spirits into their home, discuss signs, omens, prophetic dreams and interpret their meanings.

Noticing her talents at the age of seven, her mother, father and siblings, with their own gifts they openly used, became her best mentors. Kitty knew when ominous events were about to occur, she often experienced prophetic dreams, and could identify people she'd never met before. She knew when bad things were about to happen to her siblings because of a change in the air around her. She could detect such things easily and didn't understand that this was not normal for others.

Kitty's main source of communication are two Sacred Celestial Beings, who are unerring in the information they provide. She freely shares all she receives with those seeking her knowledge and expertise. Her desire is to assist willing planetary beings who are struggling to arrive at a place of success. She helps them to reach their goals through her intuitive counsel, providing all the information they need to make the necessary changes. She endeavors to place her clients on a more successful footing in all areas of life, specifically: Health, relationships, career and finances. She's always used her gifts readily and has been able to assist others with her Psychic talents. Over the years, Kitty has helped to locate missing items and people, and has communicated messages from loved ones who've passed on. Usually, she can detect problematic health issues in the body, pinpoint when issues began, and even determine the amount of time someone has left on the planet, only when specifically asked.


For the last thirty years, Kitty has been reading Tarot, mainly from home, and has participated in numerous psychic fairs for the last twenty years. She reads auras, detects soul colors, and does so accurately for her long list of private clients and the many she meets at Psychic Fairs.

Kitty is a business owner who successfully ran her own Psychic Tea House, where she provided Tarot and aura readings. A prominent psychic in her community, she's been providing predictions for her local newspaper for the last fifteen years. Kitty is expert at identifying problem health areas in the body and can locate the age when blockages with success or other issues first took root, and has helped hundreds of clients. Most of her training took place in the communication and counselling field. She's taken numerous courses, holds a counselling degree and has also been educated in finance, related to investments, managing money and starting a business. She was trained by the Canadian R.C.M.P. as a Facilitator, Mediator and Mentor, and currently works as a Facilitator for the Restorative Justice program. In addition, Kitty is a counselor to other counselors, helping other professionals guide their clients on the right path.


Kitty is most definitely a fiery Sagittarian, who originally came from a small town in N.B., grew up in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, while in her teens. She met and married her husband of forty-eight years, and has been living in B.C., for the last thirty years. She is now 67 years wise with two daughters and two grown grand-children. The only other entity sharing her living space is her cat, Cleo. Unfortunately, she confessed, she does not have a Spirit living in her environment! She loves all people, be they short, fat, tall, thin, happy, sad, or even transitioned! She's excited to be here on this planet to help others live a happier, more successful life. It's not difficult for her to approach strangers and give them the information they need. She is a very friendly, approachable person and relates well to others.

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I'm a Clairvoyant of long standing from a highly Intuitive and Psychic lineage. I can instantly spot the root of your problems, give you detailed information from my two Guides, and help you achieve success and happiness.

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