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Allow me to help you create your desired future! As a conduit to Spirit since birth I provide info from my Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Animals. I accurately tap into your concerns, helping you meet challenges, heal & clear what’s blocking you.


Clairvoyant, Clair-sentient, Empathic, Tarot Card Readings, Pet Communication, Reiki, Goal Setting, Life Coaching through Tarot.


Dianna was born a Libra with three grand trines in her chart, providing her with enhanced intuitive skills from the get-go. She recognized she was different from those around her, and always had a "knowing" that came naturally to her. Over time, she read books and tuned into what others had to say about metaphysics and the brain. Her approach was an intellectual one that admittedly left her feeling scared about some of the information she discovered. This caused her to abandon her investigations and pursue more traditional paths. She attended college and then went on to New York University for a Master's degree in teaching. She loved helping children, and did so, one at a time. With a disciplinary focus on language disorders and development, Dianna worked with autistic children as well as kids in the New York City public schools. After fifteen years, she left her career and moved away from New York, settling in California. Once there, she forged a new path for herself. She became proficient in the computer industry, and then segued into marketing and public relations. Dianna’s curiosity about the psychic world remained in the background, and friends appreciated her everyday intuitive gifts, often seeking her out for advice. Years later, she was going through a difficult divorce when a friend literally dragged her to a psychic reader. This was a significant turning point in Dianna’s personal life, and in her psychic evolution.

As a visual artist, Dianna was fascinated by the imagery of the Cards, and the rich interpretations that were provided in relation to events. But most of all, she was impressed by the accuracy of the readings she received. The Reader went on to become an important mentor, helping Dianna to develop her personal power, and instructing her on the rituals of candles, colors, and meditation. Weekly readings enabled Dianna to safely navigate through her divorce. She experienced the Tarot as a guide in life, and even had running dialogues with the cards.

During divorce proceedings, Dianna visited her Reader every evening after court, where they would review the day, and preview the next. One day in court, she was feeling especially bored and oppressed, so she began sketching her soon-to-be-ex-husband's lawyer. She drew a web across his face, with a spider moving along it. Not coincidentally, the lawyer started scratching his neck in kind-of a strained, cartoonish manner. Later, her Reader said, "You'd better stop that!" Dianna realized her power, learned not to abuse it, and forever heeded the sage warning. For Dianna, her Reader was the single most important catalyst for her spiritual, emotional, and psychic development, teaching her to read Tarot, and to meditate. These were new concepts that helped to fully open her intuitive channels and become a clear gateway for knowledge.


Tarot cards have been an effective tool for Dianna for the last twenty years, where she applied them first in San Francisco and later in Seattle. Her professional resume began in a metaphysical shop, and then at various Whole Life Expos, and in cafés. She's often hired privately for readings, and for special events, including: wedding showers, anniversaries, and various meetings. Her clients are people from all walks of life, and include: mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, business people, artists, lawyers—anyone who seeks practical answers to life's difficult questions.

During her psychic evolution, Dianna underwent past life healings. Her facilitator described the experience as being like peeling layers of an onion, and so it was for her. As she became more knowledgeable about her past, she was better able to tap into new talents. She became a Reiki Level II practitioner in the Usui Tradition, and began to see people's lives in vivid filmstrips.

After a traumatic automobile accident, Dianna’s psychic, empathic, clairvoyant and clair-sentient abilities heightened, and she became more sensitized as a psychic. Her gratitude and amazement at being alive caused her to realize her life's purpose: to use and develop her gifts to help others lead more peaceful, fulfilling lives, and to reach a broader audience. People began lining up for readings, and her clientele grew to include a wide range of individuals with varied issues. Her readings have been very effective for those who want practical answers to life's questions, to remove blocks, to better understand their children or spouse, or to find out about love, relationships, career or money, and achieve goals. Clients love her down-to-earth style and honesty. Many have even said that their reading was the best they'd ever received! Dianna's approach has always been that before anyone can understand and affect their situation, they must first have knowledge. Arming them with the accuracy of her insights helps her clients so they may achieve their highest good.


Dianna's a Libra, and gifted with three grand trines in her chart, not to mention a moon in Aquarius. True to her sign, she strives for fairness and balance in life, and is happiest when they are achieved. Life's always a balance; the only constant is change. So, she keeps herself pretty busy. After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 24 years, she moved to Portland Oregon in 2013. She now lives in her new home 25 miles north of Portland in woodsy surroundings with easy access to the city. Spending time with friends, painting in oils (abstract landscapes), spiritual studies and completing her memoir, are some of the ways she divides her life. In her down-time, she can be found exercising, going to art galleries and museums, creating a garden, reading and watching good movies. She truly values a good laugh, and tries to have lots of them! For Dianna, a sense of humor is essential.

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Allow me to help you create your desired future! As a conduit to Spirit since birth I provide info from my Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Animals. I accurately tap into your concerns, helping you meet challenges, heal & clear what’s blocking you.

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