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Be Empowered! Allow me to help you get an honest, fresh perspective through Tarot. With the info I receive, I'll enable you to make the absolute best choices. The possibilities are endless and all walks of life are welcome!


Empath, Clairvoyant, Tarot Specialist, Numerology, Dream Analysis, Chakra/Crystals.


Everyone is psychic, Augra believes. The ability comes with the survival kit issued to humans and animals alike. Augra's unusually strong ESP abilities were inherited from her father and nurtured by her mother from the time she was in kindergarten. At the age of eleven, a neighbor introduced her to Tarot through a Rider-Waite deck. She explained that the symbols “told stories.” Instantly, she was hooked for life! Primarily, following the philosophies of Arthur Waite and David LeMieux, her passion grew over time through independent study, persistent consultation and tons of practice on herself and others. Augra uses the cards lovingly in conjunction with her natural abilities and connects the traditional symbolism in the cards to a client's individual energetic frequencies. This triggers empathic and clairvoyant responses within Augra that provides specific data for the client. In order to master Tarot, it was necessary to hone her numerology skills and, inadvertently, she tapped into another passion for the spiritual patterns found in numbers (gnothology).

She has provided divination services to other Tarot readers, and has instructed many who have become professionals themselves – either on the Fair, private, or network circuit. Aside from her divination services, she is well-versed in many aspects of parapsychology, including: dream interpretation, past life regression, khundalini (working with chakras) and has vast experience with paranormal activity, etc.


Her practice began over thirty years ago with Tarot counseling when Augra began to provide readings part-time through various new age shops in New York and in her own home, serving her first “official” customer at the age of eighteen. She has enjoyed providing divination services to many hundreds of clients and counting! In 2009, she finally tossed aside the drudgery of routine office work, and has since followed her true passion for Tarot, counseling clients on a full-time basis. Though she has counseled superstars, she is proud to serve those from all walks of life. This includes the lower class to the world famous, and those of any faith or any sexual orientation--be they straight or gay. Regardless of your size, shape, sex, or background, Augra is delighted to provide the same straight-forward, objective, loving counsel. She's always sensitive to the needs of all and prides herself on keeping her sessions confidential.

As part of her practice, she offers chakra/crystal healing therapies to those in need. Augra also possesses an intermediate knowledge of Astrology, using the discipline to reference general energetic conditions within a client. She also uses numerology to add yet another layer of meaning that connects her with her Empathic and Clairvoyant abilities. Through traditional apprenticeship, Augra learned the shamanic ways of the elements, universal connectivity, sacred space, and healing as passed down from the wisdom of Chief Longarrow of the Iroquois Nation. She advanced further with her spiritual education by following up with courses and workshops in parapsychology. Augra believes in the benefits of higher education and has attended the New Seminary in Manhattan and, more recently, the Ocean Seminary College.


Augra is over forty and proud of it! Her astrological sun is in the healing sign of Cancer. She also has a fiery, Aries Moon, a strong, intelligent Gemini Mercury, and a playful and loyal Leo Venus. Currently, she resides in Texas with her perfect (and very spoiled) Jendaya Conure. She is a fairly successful painter and beadstress, as well as a musician, candlemaker, and author. She has over twenty years of experience working in various office environments: from Fortune 500 to not-for-profit agencies, and understands the pressures of nine-to-five living, all too well. She's originally from New York and is glad to have survived! Today, when she's not serving clients, Augra is currently focused on her second major writing project, her continued spiritual studies, and reaching her third year mark of not smoking!--Congrats to Augra on her success! She once told her mother when she was four years old she was more interested in what you can't see than what you can. Not much has changed since then. “Onward!” she proclaims.

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Be Empowered! Allow me to help you get an honest, fresh perspective through Tarot. With the info I receive, I'll enable you to make the absolute best choices. The possibilities are endless and all walks of life are welcome!

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