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A Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath, I use intuitive gifts and Tarot to illuminate the truth and provide real answers. A conduit for messages from the Spirit Realm, I connect to your Guides, share their insights, and move you to a fulfilling life.


Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Transformational Life Coach, Tarot, Channeling, Spirit Guide, Angelic Wisdom, Runes. Pendulum, Akashic Records, Soul Mates, Dream Interpretation, Past Lives.


Descended from a long line of Celtic seers, Alaya is a Psychic Medium, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Empath, who has been seeing spirits and communicating with the other side from a very young age. Her main tool is the Tarot and her readings are guided by messages received from Spirit (Guides and/or Angelic Beings), as well as her own clear knowing and intuition. Since quite young, Alaya has literally seen spirits who were once in physical form, but have since crossed over. Now it's more common for her to receive communication from them through mental images, thoughts and feelings. They first send information to validate their identity to the client, and then share messages of love and inspiration, to bring peace to the grieving family member or friend. She can't always guarantee a visit from the other side, but it does happen quite regularly during a reading.

After a life-changing trauma in her thirties, Alaya received a download of the Akashic records with access to information about the Soul's purpose, life contracts, past lives, karma and reincarnation, and uses this information to help clients gain a more expansive and spiritual view of their lives. This is often an empowering and life altering experience for many of her clients. As a child, Spirits appeared to Alaya as a swirl of white or colorful bright vibrating lights like thousands of intertwined pulsating electrical circuits. In the presence of these beings, which she has come to know as the Souls of those who have crossed over, she experienced a range of paranormal events, and was never afraid. Somehow, she intuitively knew these entities were not there to hurt her. They simply wanted her to know that although they weren't in their earthly form anymore, they were not gone, but still with us. Despite these vivid and very real experiences, Alaya never possessed a strong spiritual faith until her twenties, when she was visited by another sort of light energy an Angelic being. She was on her knees, during a devastating emotional, personal crisis and began praying for help. She hadn't prayed in a very long time, but she felt the power of it, and her knees literally buckled as she sank to the ground, begging for God to ease her suffering. In answer to her prayer, Alaya was visited by a beautiful white light. As it surrounded her, she was filled with the most pure and magnificent love she's ever felt. Distinctly she heard, "There is a God." In that profound moment, the course of her life was changed forever.

While living in Los Angeles, she studied with a gifted Medium, who taught her about the metaphysical realms and guided her psychic development. Under his tutelage, Alaya came to understand her soul's purpose as a light-worker and healer, having incarnated on this earthly plane to help others. At this time, she experienced lucid dreaming and was introduced to her Spirit Guides who now advise her in all things, and also communicate with the Guides of her clients. Alaya began receiving messages from the other side--in the form of impressions, images, thoughts, and feelings--from those Spirits she'd been seeing all of her life. As she shared those messages with others, Alaya realized the true extent of her gifts, feeling a deep fulfillment and gratitude for helping bring peace to family members and loved ones, through the deceased. It brings Alaya joy to assure someone their loved one is safe, happy and living in bliss with their Creator, for this is almost always the message that the dead bring to the living. Alaya believes we all have a pre-destined life path--a blueprint--with challenging lessons to learn along the way. The insights gained through her readings bring about a deeper understanding of these lessons, provide options for achieving the most beneficial outcome, and assist in spiritual growth. If you're hurting or confused, she invites you to feel free to open up to her. Crisis is an opportunity for growth and reinvention as it was for Alaya. She is here as a conduit for your Spirit Guides and Angelic Beings who will illuminate the truth in any situation and support you through challenging times. Their messages bring nurturing, peace of mind and clarity.


Virtually all of her life, Alaya has provided Intuitive and Empathic counseling for friends and family, but officially became a student of Tarot and the Metaphysical, over eighteen years ago. Then, after a painful divorce and the incomprehensible events of 9/11, she left Hollywood to begin a spiritual journey of self-discovery. She traveled the world for three years in search of spiritual knowledge. She dwelled in various ashrams, journeyed to Bali to become a yoga instructor, and to New Zealand to learn from Maori Healers. They helped her to understand the psychic changes she was experiencing and to ground herself, so as not to attract any negative energies. In Guatemala. Alaya spent time living with a powerful Mayan Shaman at one of the last remaining Mystery Schools on the planet. During her travels, she gave Tarot readings to friends who encouraged her to charge money for her valuable services. Soon, she had many regular clients and was able to support herself in her travels, while expanding her knowledge and gifts.

She's since given readings all over the world, including Los Angeles and New York City. She's advised numerous celebrities, high profile businessmen and women, politicians and even some well-known psychics! Her journey eventually brought her to Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts, where she is now studying to become an Ordained Minister and Transformational Life Coach. She continues to see clients in-person and is deeply honored to have been invited to be part of the PsychicAccess community, believing it truly has the most accurate, ethical and gifted psychics on the planet.


Although the early part of Alaya's life was spent working in the film industry, she soon discovered that her true path lay elsewhere, As a Virgo, she was born to be of service and to be a healer. Today, that's precisely what her life is about, and she is extremely grateful to embrace her gifts! Alaya feels divinely blessed to help others transform their lives, just as she has done, herself. Her journey has been, and continues to be, an incredible adventure. She met the love of her life while traveling in Latin America he, and their sweet one year old dog, Leo, still reside in Mexico. She visits them regularly and her Guides inform her she may soon be spending even more time there in the near future as they say an engagement is on the way! She returns to Los Angeles and New York on a regular basis to see her clients and catch up with family and friends. In her free time, she meditates, practices yoga and continues to study the esoteric. She remains ever hungry for new knowledge and there never seems to be enough time in the day to learn all that she wants to. Currently, she belongs to a dedicated group studying the fascinating life of renowned psychic, Edward Casey.

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A Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath, I use intuitive gifts and Tarot to illuminate the truth and provide real answers. A conduit for messages from the Spirit Realm, I connect to your Guides, share their insights, and move you to a fulfilling life.

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